Alan Katz, Joe Dalo and Al-x Buenaflor at The Prank Panel premiere party

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Ep 185 Talk About The Prank Panel Behind the Scenes

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Behind the Scenes of the new ABC/Hulu show, The Prank Panel: Inside Scoop with Joe Dalo, Alan Katz & Al-x Buenaflor

Get ready to dive into the hidden camera world with Joe Dalo, Alan Katz, and Al-x Buenaflor! Joe is an industry veteran who has worked on iconic shows like Punk’d and Jackass, while Alan and Al-x are the innovative officiants behind Great Officiants. Together, they’ll share their unique perspectives on The Prank Panel’s wedding episode (Season 1 Episode 1, “Incest Wedding”), offering fascinating insights into the intricate process of creating believable pranks and the importance of authenticity in hidden camera shows.

Check out the special preview of The Prank Panel on ABC/Hulu, starring Johnny Knoxville, Eric Andre & Gabourey Sidibe. Renee is in the first episode, which you can watch here right now! The full season begins airing on July 9th!

Behind the Scenes of “Prank Encounters”

“My job is to make things look as real as possible. The little touches on everything just have to be important. And the audiences aren’t stupid. They’re smart, and they see the difference.”

Joe Dalo, Consulting Producer, The Prank Panel

Entering the intriguing world of hidden camera shows, the behind-the-scenes elements can often be as intriguing as the pranks themselves. With the expertise of production designers and the contributions of the entire team, these shows manage to evoke genuine reactions from unsuspecting targets – just wait until you see Al-x’s amazing reaction to the prank Alan & Johnny Knoxville played on her! Ensuring authentic, entertaining content, the skill and dedication that goes into creating every laugh and surprise are paramount to the success of the show. In the episode, Joe Dalo discusses his role as a Production Designer and Consulting Producer, working closely with the entire team to ensure the smooth execution of pranks. Renee Dalo, Alan Katz, and Al-x Buenaflor add their own experiences, shedding light on the various aspects of production. Whether it’s hiding over a dozen cameras or maintaining a realistic environment for a wedding, every detail matters in the quest to create memorable and entertaining content that brings big laughs and maybe big fights? Listen in and find out!

Go grab your coffee or your tea, and let’s talk it out. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Realize the value of authenticity and emotional connection in compelling TV pranks.
  • Unravel the secrets of planning for exceptional quality entertainment.
  • Gain insights into the depiction of wedding industry culture in television programming.
  • Find out if Al-x is still mad at Alan for pranking her on national TV!

More About Joe Dalo

Joe Dalo, a master of hidden camera production design, is responsible for some of the most memorable pranks on television. Joe has been involved in the hidden camera industry for many years, working on popular shows like Punk’d and Jackass. He’s known for his expertise in pulling off large-scale pranks and his ability to create realistic scenarios, making him an invaluable asset on set. He is joining us today to chat about the behind-the-scenes action on Prank Panel. Connect with Joe on Instagram here.

More About Alan Katz & Al-x Buenaflor

Alan Katz & Al-x Buenaflow are the dynamic duo behind Great Officiants; they’ve officiated countless weddings over the years, ensuring that every couple’s big day is nothing short of magical. These talented officiants bring a wealth of experience and passion for weddings to the table. With their combined knowledge and enthusiasm, they’re a perfect fit for a conversation about the Prank Panel wedding episode. To learn more about Great Officiants, go here. Connect with Alan here and Al-x here.


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