Have you ever woken up in a cold sweat at 3 am and thought, “Wait. Did I order enough ice for Saturday's wedding?”

Or have you ever had a nightmare about a rental order? Or a stress dream about a needy client who can’t be soothed no matter what you do? Or, hell, maybe that wasn’t a DREAM. Maybe that was just…Tuesday.

Have you been so filled to the brim with overwhelm that you just felt paralyzed? And then that paralysis led you to do NOTHING but binge-watch Schitts Creek under a weighted blanket all day. And then THAT made the whole situation (your life, your business) feel so much worse?

Yeah, friend. Me too. I’ve been there.

If you’ve been a wedding pro for more than five minutes, you likely know these feelings all too well.

And you might also think that there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re Wrong. 

The past two (going on three) years have been the most challenging we’ve ever lived through. And add entrepreneurship to the mix, and it’s a miracle you’re even still standing to read this.

I heard this quote once, and it stuck on my heart:

"Your dreams are heavy, and you aren't meant to carry them alone."

Take a deep breath, love. You don't have to do this alone anymore.

My goal in life is to support rockstar folks (all genders and non-binary queens and kings) to greatness. 

I want your dreams to be so grand and so exciting that you need many hands to hold them alongside you. 

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, I had a visceral gut response to help the wedding pro community in any way I could.

On a whim, I started hosting free hour-long daily calls at 9 am for any wedding pro who needed a space to talk, vent, plan, scheme, and troubleshoot.

These calls became a lifeline not only for those who attended but for me as well.

I hosted that call for 75 days. Seventy-five days straight, even weekends. Those calls eventually became our more structured Mastermind program, and the experience led me to seek coach training.

I’ve been fortunate to be taught by feminist thought leader, Tara Mohr, as a Facilitator of her Playing Big curriculum. I am also working on Life Coach Certification with Co-Active Training Institute.

Together, we'll develop a holistic (aka informing and supporting every part of your one beautiful life) approach to whatever challenges you’re facing.

Keep scrolling for glimpse into a few of the ways I can support you...

If you’re a Wedding Pro...

looking for targeted education on Wedding Management (aka the Death of Day-of Coordination), Conquering your Consult Calls, Offboarding, Timelines, and more check out our online self-led education. 

Online Education

If you are a creative entrepreneur...

seeking a deeper dive into your business through coaching, check out our programs.

Coaching Programs

If you are just starting out... 

check out our weekly podcast, Talk with Renée Dalo, and download our free guides here.

Listen to the Podcast

Talk with Renée Dalo

Talk with Renée Dalo

Biz Chat for Wedding Pros & Creative Business Owners.

Just imagine if we could crawl through your phone and fireside chat about all of the topics to soothe your burning hunger to know all the things related to owning your own business and rocking that fine line of balance... Well pull up a seat and let's slay that 9-5 dragon.

Talk about Acing your Proposals with Terrica

Talk about Maximizing Productivity with Abbi Miller

Talk About Connecting on Instagram with Andréa Jones


Students enrolled since 2017


Podcast episodes recorded


Webinars taught, and counting...

Don't take my word for it...

Hear from our past mentees.

"Here's the deal, Renée knows her stuff. If you've ever written a "can I pick your brain" email, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT. She meets you where you are - wherever you are. It isn't about giving you her system; it's about helping you build your own and making it sustainable."

— Berlyn Martin

“Renée is knowledgeable, yet incredibly approachable. She doesn't tell you what to do as much as helps you talk through finding what's best for you (because there isn't just 1 right answer)."

— Danielle Pasternack

I’m so glad you found me and my corner of the internet, rockstar. Let’s be brilliant, together!

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