Your business and life aren't separate. 
Let Renée help you with both.

Coaching Programs for Wedding Pro's

Better with Renée Dalo

a monthly lifestyle membership for wedding pros and creatives


I've spent the past three years training as a life coach, and with Better, I am bringing you skills you can use to make your life Better, one day at a time.

Wedding Pros and Creatives are unusual humans. (I should know, I'm one of them.)

We love what we do, and we are damn good at it. But we also bulldoze over our own boundaries, work until we fall asleep in front of our laptops, glorify hustle culture, ignore our health and wellness, and cut short our time with loved ones in pursuit of...more.

More clients, more events, more money. 


And after a while, there's less and less of you. The real you. 

Let's find you and bring you back.

What's included in the membership?

better basics

This is the foundational education of the membership.
We take a deep dive into your daily habits, rituals, and procrastinations (I see you - scrolling Tik Tok instead of sleeping) and make a plan for how you can become better.

Baby steps. Grown-ass results.


monthly mentors

Every month we will be joined by at least one Monthly Mentor - a coach who specializes in our monthly focus topic (see below).

These Coaches are brilliant, inspiring humans from all creative fields. There may even be a few faces you recognize!

2023 Monthly Topics: Time Management, Balance, Relationships, Money, Confidence, Body & Nutrition, Creativity & Play, Leadership, and Rest.  

  • monthly group coaching calls with Renee Dalo
  • daily journaling prompts (sent via text message so we don't overwhelm your inbox)
  •  a guided meditation
  • a book club
  • monthly challenges

You can participate a little or a lot.

Everything will be recorded and available to you via a private member podcast as well, so you can better yourself from anywhere and everywhere. 

better tools


Doors are open for Better with Renee Dalo! Click below to join us for only $29! 

I'm ready!

what our clients are saying:


"Renée's Mastermind helped me to tackle a HUGE project that I've been thinking about for years. I made 5x what I invested and it's only growing from there. Renée has a way of being a great leader, while still being accessible and open-minded.  I'm beyond thankful for the experience and highly recommend it."


"It’s hard to find masterminds that are designed for someone who’s been in the industry a while, and I received more value than I even expected. It allowed me to focus on a big project that I would’ve kept on the back burner or not have had the courage to launch. I am even coming back this fall & can’t wait to see what I achieve next!"


"The Group Coaching was a God send. It was very instrumental in changes I made in my business that resulted in more sales and a more efficient workflow process. I never thought I would book THREE weddings during a pandemic but I did - thanks to Renée and the Group Coaching Program!"


"When I joined Renée's program, I didn't really know what to expect. I knew the caliber of material would fantastic because well, it's Renée. But this program truly excelled my business forward and has changed the trajectory in such a profound way. For that I am so thankful."

Find your song and get your customized plan for Better!

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One-on-One Coaching

You know that idea that keeps you up at night, the one you can’t forget but feel stuck on moving forward?

 Your biz best friend can only listen to you vent for so long. Sometimes you need to call in a trained coach. One-on-one coaching is laser-focused on you and your uniqueness. It will help you get unstuck, motivated, and into decisive action.