Renée Dalo, Public Speaker

From Wedding MBA to the Aisle Planner Experience to Cocktails in Cartegena and Alt Summit, I love to speak on stages worldwide! 

Nothing thrills me more than connecting with new people and dropping truth bombs and actionable content to audiences.

In 2020, I went virtual, of course, and taught almost 40 webinars! Zoom fatigue? I don't know her.

In 2021, I was fortunate to speak at industry events in Seattle, Phoenix, Omaha & Miami, once it was safe to do so. I began 2022 with my “Reset & Refresh” presentation in Dallas and delivered the keynote at NACE Evolve in Charlotte, NC.

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Who knows where I’ll be next?!?

You do, friend, because the schedule is right here. Join me in person!

Wedding MBA

Dates: November 6-8 2023

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Be Sage Conference

Dates: Feb 27 - Mar 1, 2023

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Event Industry Expo

Dates: june 5-7, 2023

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Dates: January 10, 2023

NACE Triangle, NC

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what audience members are saying:

"We. Love. Renée. She drops the most current industry intelligence and experience-based I.P. on our audience with a fun, charismatic, and completely relatable delivery. Renée keeps it real and real fun, while guiding her audience down paths lined with applicable insights and plenty of "Aha!" moments."

Trevor Wessman-Lavelle, Aisle Planner

"If I could aspire to be one speaker, it would be Renée Dalo! She made me believe I was, I am, and I will be the expert! I am forever grateful for the impact her session had on me and my life going forward! Thank you, Renée!"

Wedding MBA Audience Member

"Renée is an incredible speaker who energizes the audience with the perfect blend of knowledge and humor. Her passion for education, radiant personality, and eloquent delivery make her an extraordinary presenter."

Natalie Franke, Rising Tide Society

"Renée gave not only one of the most helpful and informative talks for Wedding MBA, but also one of the most important talks related to my specialty needs. Renée was funny and inspirational, and started my day out making me feel inspired. I could have listened to her for HOURS!"

Wedding MBA Audience Member

"Renée's was the most helpful session of the entire conference. She gave hard numbers, specific examples, and action items to the audience to help grow their businesses. LOVED THIS."

Wedding MBA Audience Member

"Renée's session was in itself worth the value of the whole conference!"

Wedding MBA Audience Member