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Ep. 53 Talk About Thriving at Work & at Home with Jen Taylor

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Ep. 53 Talk About Thriving at Work and At Home with Jen Taylor

Episode 53: Talk About Thriving at Work & at Home with Jen Taylor

In this episode, I talk with Jen Taylor about thriving at work and at home. Jen is a wedding planner and business consultant, and she is a pro when it comes to systems, workflows, automation, and outsourcing. These productivity tools are especially handy in this crazy year.

Working from home is a new adventure for a lot of people, so we wanted to share some tips on how to be effective in our current normal. Jen and I dive into how to get a handle on your business’s systems and processes to make working from home easier and more enjoyable. And even better, the things we recommend implementing will last your business’s lifetime. So grab your coffee, grab your team, and listen in.

About Jen Taylor

Owner and founder of Taylor’D Events, Jennifer Taylor carries over 15 years of wedding planning and has earned a wealth of knowledge throughout her career. While running her own business, she had the pleasure of working alongside highly innovative and talented creatives throughout the industry and beyond.

She noticed that many creatives are predominantly right-brained—wildly imaginative and expressive, but missing the necessary structure to create logical systems in their companies. In launching Jen Taylor Consulting, she made it her mission to help creatives build streamlined workflows, processes, and procedures so they can grow their business and spend their time on what they love most — their craft, their family, and their life.

Jen’s systematic knowledge of the inner workings of creative businesses has brought her to national stages and major industry publications. She has spoken at conferences like The Special Event, NACE Experience, and ILEA, as well as chapter-based events for NACE, The Wedding Network, ABC, and Western Washington University. Her expertise has also graced the pages of WeddingWire EDU, Special Events, Catersource, Book More Brides, Honeybook, and Wedding Planner Magazine.

Outside of work, you can typically find her traveling throughout the West Coast or in Maui — the two markets her company serves for destination events. She also has a penchant for cooking and can often be found sipping on a refreshing glass of wine in the many tasting rooms from Woodinville, Washington to Napa, California and everywhere in between.

Key Takeaways for Thriving at Work & at Home

  • Assessing Where You Need Help
  • Automation
  • Outsourcing
  • Opportunities to Streamline
  • Building Your Systems

Renee & Jen Talked About:

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