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Ep. 33 Talk About Vendor Teamwork with Bron Hansboro

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Episode 33: Talk About Vendor Teamwork with Bron Hansboro

In this episode, I chat with the flower guy, Bron Hansboro, about vendor teamwork. They say it takes a village, and that’s never been more true than in the midst of this global pandemic. Bron is the floral designer behind The Flower Guy Bron, and he just happens to share his building with a ton of other wedding vendors. Friends–he actually created a village! So Bron knows the power of vendor teamwork and cultivating a village. We talk about the power of referrals, and Bron shares amazing tips on networking and being a part of a village of professionals.

Listen: your business’s success depends on relationships. So c’mon. Grab your coffee, grab your tea, grab your tequila… let’s talk about growing your network and working with the amazing people in our industry!

Bron Hansboro headshot

Meet Bron Hansboro

Award-winning floral and event designer Bron Hansboro has devoted his career to navigating clients through the creative process and transforming their visions into exquisite events since 2014. Fondly referred to as “The Flower Guy,” he is the lead creative and floral designer at The Flower Guy Bron. He provides bespoke design and styling experiences for weddings and events of all types. Bron deeply values his interactions with clients and peers alike and understands the power of making connections through design. His motto is, “We don’t sell flowers, we sell experiences.”

Bron has received the WeddingWire’s “Couples Choice” designation for three consecutive years and is a Metropolitan Business League’s “One to Watch” Honoree. He is a sought-after speaker and will be featured at Wedding MBA 2018. Bron is dedicated to providing seamless and stress-free design services and loves seeing the look on his clients’ faces when they see their completed concept come to life. When he’s not dreaming up magical events, he loves to cook, travel, entertain, shop and connect.

Key Takeaways:

  • It Takes a Village
  • Working with Clients at a Higher Level
  • The Benefits of a Village
  • How to Find Your Vendor Teams
  • You Can’t Work with Everyone (and it’s nothing personal)

Renee & Bron Talked About:
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Thanks for Listening!

Talk back to Renee – she loves it!


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