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Ep. 62 Talk About Online Strategies for a COVID World with Liese Gardner

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Ep. 62 Talk About Online Strategies for COVID World with Liese Gardner

Episode 62: Talk About Online Strategies for a COVID World with Liese Gardner

Today I am chatting with content driven marketer and fellow wedding pro Liese Gardner about online strategies in a COVID world. Guys, can you believe it’s November and we’re still talking about COVID? Hell, can you believe it’s November, and we’re still in COVID? Sometimes, I can’t. But here we are!

Liese gives some of her best tips on how to kick the pandemic blues when it comes to marketing and fine tuning your online business. If you are looking for a refresh on some of the top online strategies to make your business sing this holiday season, this is the episode for you! Grab your coffee, grab your tea, let’s talk it out.

Talk with Renee Dalo guest, Liese GardnerAbout Liese Gardner

Liese Gardner has spent three decades doing what she loves: helping creative entrepreneurs build successful businesses with a marketing framework focused on what differentiates them–their passion. She believes that a business built on passion is the secret to longevity, growth, and most importantly, happiness. 

Focused, collaborative, and helpful, Liese’s background as a magazine editor has made her especially adept at pinpointing, clarifying, and amplifying her clients’ messages with a marketing framework she calls Brand Therapy. Through this content-forward style of marketing she has helped hundreds of top brands grow, thrive, consistently increase exposure and awareness in their marketplaces, and build revenue and sales.

Her reputation and expertise in these areas are sought not only by private consulting clients, but also by the entrepreneurs who attend her online workshops and business students of two Southern California Universities where she teaches Marketing Today.

Key Takeaways for Online Strategies

  • The lifeline of the internet
  • Positioning statements
  • Change your message
  • The croissant method
  • Facebook ads
  • 30 days of newsletters, what people want
  • Valued based marketing
  • Aligned with your customers why
  • The buyers journey
  • Writing for non writers

Renee & Liese Talked About Online Strategies and…

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