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Ep. 56 Talk About Live Streaming & Marketing with CeCe Todd

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Ep. 56 Talk About Live Streaming with CeCe Todd #talkwithreneedalo #marketingforweddingpros

Episode 56: Talk About Live Streaming & Marketing with CeCe Todd

In this episode, I chat with CeCe Todd about live streaming and marketing. CeCe is a floral designer and one of the most fun people I know, and she absolutely dominates on video. That’s why I had to talk to her about the power and potential of live streaming. We talk about staying true to your voice, planning and diversifying your live content, and developing an educational program. 

If you ever thought about getting in front of the camera on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, this is the episode for you. Grab a coffee, grab a tea… hell, grab a beer. Let’s talk it out. 

CeCe Todd, Talk with Renee Dalo guestAbout CeCe Todd

CeCe Todd prides herself on not being a “design and drop” floral designer. Working with CeCe is always a one-of-a-kind experience. Known for her infectious personality and her insane attention to detail, her command of flawless event design is what makes her such a valued wedding and event vendor. CeCe Designs and Events has built a reputation as one of the premier wedding florists in Birmingham, Alabama and the Southeast!  CeCe is an inspiring speaker, mentor, and industry educator.  She founded CeCe School Online to help teach the next generation of floral and event designers.

Key Takeaways for Live Streaming & Marketing

  • The Components of Live Streaming
  • Being Authentically You On Lives
  • A Method to the Madness
  • The Venting Process
  • Not All Platforms Are Created Equal
  • Diving In

Renee & CeCe Talked About:

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