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Ep. 12 Talk About Public Speaking with Alexia Vernon

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Episode 12: Talk About Public Speaking with Alexia Vernon

Episode 12: Talk About Public Speaking with Alexia Vernon

In this episode, I’m talking all about public speaking with my own public speaking coach, Alexia Vernon. Alexia and I have something big in common–we love the word “moxie.” In fact, Alexia loves it so much, she included it in her book title: Step Into Your Moxie. We chat about Alexia’s background in public speaking, being masterful with your message, why pre-speech nerves are good, and more. So if you’ve ever wondered if you could be the on that Wedding MBA stage, listen in!

Alexia Vernon, guest on Talk with Renee Dalo

Meet Alexia Vernon

Alexia Vernon is a sought-after speaker, coach, consultant, and media contributor. She was branded “Moxie Maven” by President Obama’s White House Office of Public Engagement for her effective approach to empowering women’s professional success. Alexia went on to author Step into Your Moxie: Amplify Your Voice Visibility, and Influence in the World.

In addition to creating multiple speaker training programs, she has delivered transformational keynotes and training for Fortune 500 companies and professional associations. Her speaking engagements include the United Nations and a TEDx talk on the future of feminism. Alexia has been featured by media including CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc., and Women’s Health.

Seriously, she’s the real deal.

Key Takeaways on Public Speaking:

  • Getting into Public Speaking
  • Reframing Your Fear of Public Speaking
  • Putting Yourself Out There
  • Figuring Out What to Talk About

Renee & Alexia Talked About:
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