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Ep 132: What NOT To Do with Kelly Faetanini

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Things To Avoid Are Just As Pertinent!

What not to do. Simple enough, right? Wedding dress designer Kelly Faetinini is here to answer that very question. This is a very broad but important topic of how to make your personal and business lives less about your to-do lists and more about, well, you. We cover all the must nots that apply to growth and making time for yourself, and the ones you want to spend most of your time with. Listen friends, life is short. So instead of wearing all the hats in your business and wondering when you’ll have time to do your laundry, grab some coffee and a pen, and let’s talk it out. 

Grab your coffee, grab your tea, let’s talk it out!

About Kelly Faetanini

Wedding dress designer Kelly Faetanini has come a long way since her initial exposure to the wedding industry at the age of 18. But following what she knows is her true calling in life, she believes that being a wedding dress designer is about more than creating beautiful gowns, it is a way to impact the lives of women around the world. Each time a bride choses one of her designs, Kelly is overwhelmed with gratitude and pride and those feelings continue to motivate and empower her each day.

Kelly Faetanini lives in NYC with her husband Clint, their 4-year old daughter and their 15-month old twin boys.  A wedding dress designer for brides looking for a modern spin on classic designs, Kelly Faetanini’s bridal collections offer an elegant, fresh approach on timeless styles with a twist of old world charm while presenting brides with customization options on a variety of gowns.

Key Takeaways 

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket
Do Not Wing It
People Will Not Stay Forever
Don’t Be A Superhero
SOP’d the Household

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